Gratitude Practice

Happy Monday folks! To kick off this week, I’d like to talk about Gratitude and how that fits into a Mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is simply being aware of and focused on the present moment without judgment . Whether you are meditating or enjoying your morning coffee, you can be mindful. Gratitude takes your mindfulness to the next level by allowing you to appreciate the present moment and have a more positive attitude towards your life and circumstances in general.

Here are several ways to practice Gratitude:

1. While meditating, find a happy thought, situation or memory. Now focus on how that makes you feel and experience the positive emotions that wash over you. Feel the gratitude and appreciation for this special moment and remember how it feels.

2. Start up a gratitude journal. Whether you write down one thing each day that you are grateful for or write down a list at the end of each week, this practice will help you focus on the positive of your day or week and help you see the silver lining, especially when things get rough.

3. If you have a negative experience, take a moment at the end of the day to reflect on it and try to find the positives from it. Whether it is a lesson learned or some bigger disaster averted, be thankful for what you have learned and for the journey.

A gratitude practice not only helps put you in a more positive mindset, a long term gratitude practice can help improve your overall physical and psychological health.

If you don’t have time for a more involved gratitude practice, there are several apps that help you practice gratitude in small doses.

Here are a few that I’ve tried:

1. 365 Gratitude Journal This app gives you guidance and quotes and prompts you to write down 3 amazing things that happened to you each day.

2. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal This app gives you daily prompts and changes it up every day. A few examples include: “What made you smile today?” and “What are you looking forward to?” There’s also a space to provide additional thoughts and attach a photo.

3. Simple Gratitude Journal is just a straight forward app with a simple interface that allows you to write down what you were grateful for each day.

Do you practice gratitude? What Journal or app do you use? Please share!

XO, Amy

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