Mindful Eating

In this day and age, it is often difficult to find time to start a Mindfulness Practice. However, it is much easier to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives thank you think! Whether it’s being mindful in your morning shower or on your commute to work, you can essentially be mindful of whatever task is at hand.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate mindfulness into the start of your day is mindful eating. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR program incorporates this exercise by asking participants to eat one single raisin mindfully. Observe the raisin and contemplate how it looks and feels, explore the texture of the raisin in your mouth and as you chew it slowly, revel in the tastes as well.

You can do the same with your breakfast as well. Take in the colours, the textures and the tastes of your morning breakfast food. Smell your coffee and see how the aroma adds to the taste and feel of that first sip. Give thanks (gratitude practice!) for the sustenance and remember those in the world who do not have the luxury to afford breakfast.

When you eat mindfully, you will notice that your food tastes different, the flavours more complex and overall more satisfying. To take it a step further, write it down in a journal or a food diary, which can help with diets and healthier eating.

Have you tried mindful eating? Please share your experiences with me!

XO, Amy


  1. I try! I’m also trying to stay away from a lot of food blogs, health/fitness magazines and food elimination type cookbooks (basically, only eliminate foods for religious or actual sensitivity/allergy reasons) as I think I may be bordering on orthorexia (this is NOT uncommon for those who are fairly involved in fitness (I take barre, Essentrics, Pilates and also have a personal trainer. Not much compared to some, but enough to meet quite a few people who eliminate “just because”)). I talk to a lot of people outside of the community – especially those not raised here or have spent a lot of time outside of North America and some have never even heard of this type of food elimination. One guy didn’t even know what being gluten-free meant (and he wasn’t old. Just spent a few years in HK)!


      • I’m not sure I’d consider barre a “fitness fad” – and going to barre and Essentrics classes are good for me from a mental health perspective (working from home is lonely – I don’t really get to “see” people too much, outside of meetings and media events (which I don’t go to much anymore. And I can’t stand most lifestyle bloggers…I’m apparently too conservative for some, so they don’t like ME!). However, yeah, mindful eating IS a good thing.

        p.s. Is it weird that I’m “sensitive” to rice? Or perhaps it’s psychological from eating too much of it growing up? I’ve more or less reinvented many old Chinese favourites using other ingredients, like fried quinoa or bulgur instead of rice. Most of the grains I cook are usually whole and/or ancient!!


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