Jade 玉

Many of my friends and acquaintances have probably noticed that I wear a jade bangle. ALL. THE. TIME. Regardless of whether it matches my outfit or not, and sometimes despite the fact that younger generation Chinese think that jade bangles are reserved only for the older “aunties” and “grannies”. Part of the reason I wear it all the time is because I literally can’t get it off anymore (thanks to everything expanding after having two kids). But mostly because this is something my grandmother left to me and wearing it keeps her close to my heart.

Jade has been a revered and mystical stone throughout Chinese history. Considered the “Imperial Stone” or “Royal Gem”, jade was traditionally reserved for the use of imperial families. Over time, jade became associated with the Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion.

The Chinese believe that jade is a living organism that has protective and healing properties. It is often worn as an amulet and Chinese lore says that when a jade bangle is broken, it has absorbed misfortune for the wearer. Some believe that the colour and texture of the jade changes with time as you wear it close to the body for long periods of time. Interacting with each person’s unique chemistry, jade will grow greener and more translucent with daily wear and reverence.

My jade bangle has become a part of me and I often don’t even notice it’s there anymore. I wear it in memory of my grandmother, as respect for my culture and if it protects me and dispels negative energy in the process, then that’s an added bonus.

Do you have any jade jewelry or wear a jade bangle? Please share your stories with me!

XO, Amy

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