About Me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Amy and I’m a Chinese Canadian, born and raised in Toronto. Trained and educated as a journalist, I gave up my passion for writing when I became a mom and joined the workforce as a Licensed Dispensing Optician. My family is in the eye care business and it was the easy way out to join their ranks. I now work as a sales professional for Canada’s premier lab manufacturing specialty contact lenses and equipment. Despite finding a solid footing in my career, I have missed my first love and passion: writing. I have always wanted to start a blog to channel my desire to write, but I was never able to find a topic that I was passionate enough about to maintain. I had blogs on lifestyle, eyewear as well as capsule wardrobes! Several false starts later, here I am at La Vie Chinoiserie, sharing my life as a Chinese Canadian and my interpretation of the Chinese traditions I grew up with. I found a lack in blogs covering this topic and with the growing number of immigrants and first generation Canadian (or American) born Chinese, I felt it was necessary to start a place to share my culture and to create a community. I want to decode the “mysterious East” for those who are curious and to record my family traditions to pass on to my children. Having suffered through identity crises growing up, I am finally comfortable in my “fusion” skin and want to share my experiences in the hopes of helping others who are still looking for their identities, and let them know that it is ok to embrace both cultures! Thus the “East Meets West” lifestyle blog was born. When I was looking for a word to embody this “East Meets West” theme, I couldn’t quite find something eloquent enough to describe what I was looking for, until my eyes landed on the beautiful antique Chinese chests, vases and paintings my late grandmother left to me. I realized that I always had a love for Chinoiserie decor – the European interpretation of Eastern decoration and art. I looked up the meaning of chinoiserie and it literally means “Chinese-esque” – exactly how I feel as a first generation Chinese Canadian, living in a Western society, yet still invested in my Chinese roots. That was literally ME. I am Chinese-esque. And this is my Chinese-esque life. Welcome to my world! You might see a few errant topics pop up here and there because I do have a love for beautiful eyewear and I have an obsession with capsule wardrobes and packing carry on only!!! But these are all the bits and pieces that make up who I am! 😉

Thank you for welcoming me into your life. Please leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts!

XO, Amy