Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival falls on the fifth day of the fourth lunar month and has been celebrated for thousands of years. It is a day to “sweep the tombs” of and pay respect to ancestors. This is a time to commemorate loved ones who have passed on. Ancestral worship rituals are practiced which include the burning of incense and offering of food, wine and tea at the ancestral table.

Being born and raised in Canada, it has always been difficult for me to keep track of the Lunar calendar, so similar to a lot of other modern Chinese, my family observed Qingming on April 5th. We usually make a trip out to the cemetery to tidy up and offer fresh flowers to my grandparents. We also burn incense and offer fruit and tea.

Having recently watched “Coco” and learning about the Mexican Day of the Dead, I imagine there is some way to celebrate loved ones who have passed in every culture. How do you commemorate ancestors in your culture?

Please drop me a line and let me know!

XO, Amy

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